Stories for Organizations

Are you looking for story help for your non-profit, school, or company? 

Storytelling & 

Oral History Training


Oral History Training

Are you planning an oral history project with a group of students or volunteers? Are you wondering how to start such a project?

Storytelling Training

Do you want your staff to tell great stories about your organization - powerful compelling, inspiring stories? I can help your team discover, craft, tell, and gather your core inspirational stories for a variety of formats: newsletter, social media, live, etc.

Interviewing Services

Oral History Services

Does your organization have a wealth of untold stories just waiting to be documented? Are you just waiting for someone with the skills, tools, and organizational-know-how to gather, document, record, and pull it all together into something meaningful – something you can show off to donors and the community? 

WHO does this? WHAT do they say?

A few nice words...

You have a gift for helping people tell their stories— it is priceless.

 –Wendy Ward

There is so much to what you do. It is like capturing the essence of humanity: language, experiences, connections, memories, time, feelings and sound.

-Ann Boover, Director of the Herring Gut Learning Center, Port Clyde, ME