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Show & Tell (Camden)

"Show & Tell" for all ages on Tuesday, September 9, at 7:00 pm at the Camden Public Library - Camden, Maine. Everyone remembers hauling a treasured possession to school and telling classmates why it mattered. The public is invited to bring old photos, letters, family mementos, or even an “ancient” artifact to show and tell the stories behind these items. Participants have shared all kinds of interesting items and stories of haunted paintings, juicy teenage diary entries, Grammy & Grampy’s jammies, a baby grand Steinway piano, musical recordings, special books, and a journal from 1810 with stories about the crazy neighbor lady.

Anyone is welcome to join in the fun and become part of the conversation. Participants do not have to show and tell; they can just look and listen. The event is free and promised to be fun with stories that will warm the heart.