Meghan Vigeant

Siena Heights University, B.A. 2003

Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, 2006

Hometown: Berkley, Michigan

Residence: I live in Hope. Hope, Maine that is. 

Passionate about: stories, characters, growing & cooking & eating good food, hiking, and beautiful places in Maine. 

A view from Hope, ME

Hi Meghan,
Just wanted to let you know how pleased – no, thrilled, I am about the book! What a beautiful book to pass down to my children. Can’t thank you enough for your efforts. You did an admirable job with my family’s story. If you ever need a recommendation, you’ll have it from me.
— Gene Barron

Crafting Your Story with Care

What I do

I create custom heirloom books and audio memoirs for people and organizations who want to save and pass on their personal, family, and community histories. Using oral history interviewing methods, I help people tell their stories rather than write them (here's more info about how it works). I offer writing, editing, interviewing, coaching, and design services. If you have a project already started, I can work with you to take the next steps. I work with other professionals to provide you with a beautiful book or audio recording to treasure for generations. 

The Rewards

I find my work very rewarding because I really enjoy seeing people come alive as they tell their story. Personalities start to shine through once they get going. I love how the end product helps to build stronger relationships for families. I get excited when I can help someone hone in on the crux of their personal history. It's an art to see the forest for the trees. Often we need someone else's eyes (and ears) to help us.

Inspired by Stories

I was inspired to start Stories To Tell (formerly Legacy Preserves) after a two-year fellowship with Island Institute on Swan’s Island, a small island community that watched their historical collection go up in flames one night in 2008 after lightning struck. For two years, I lived on the island, gathered stories and photos, and created documentaries, exhibits, and a book in an effort to help the community to re-document and celebrate their history. 

I grew to love the people who had shared their island, their way of life, and their stories with me. Many of the men and women in the book have passed away since it was first published, but their stories live on. I saw how powerful this work was for the personal lives and the families it touched. 

After my fellowship on the island ended, people started asking me to put stories together for their milestones - class reunions, family gatherings, etc. I knew I could help individuals and families the way I had helped the island community and started my personal history business in 2013.

If someone were thinking about writing a memoir I would advise them to hire Meghan.
— Paul Marshall

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