I'm Meghan Vigeant.

Personal history is my expertise.  

Stories are my passion.

I started Stories To Tell, a self-publishing service specializing in personal history books and audio, to help people save and share their stories. As a personal historian I provide interviews, editing, memoir coaching, and audio production. With the help of talented collaborators I walk clients' projects through the process of copyediting, book design, production and printing. The end products include books, audio memoirs, family bonding, better understanding, and lasting legacies. 

Here are a few reasons why I love what I do.

I also provide talks, workshops, and programs for community groups. Contact me for more info. 

The book is here. It looks fantastic. I started crying.
— Betty Schopmeyer
Meghan captured the heart and soul of Swan’s Island’s elders through their stories.
— Chris Wolff
  • Memoirs
  • Family Histories
  • Company Histories
  • Audio Documentaries
  • Multimedia Histories
  • Retirement Gift Books
  • Tribute Books
  • Photo Books
  • Oral History Recordings
  • Ethical Wills
  • Wedding or Anniversary Books
  • Pet Tributes
  • Community History Projects

Many of us long to preserve our story or the story of a loved one, but often the thought of writing it all down is overwhelming. For anyone daunted by the task of putting it all together, I can help.

Give the gift that will be cherished for generations. Let your family know you care, that you want to listen, and that you love them.