I'm Meghan Vigeant, oral historian and chief editor at Stories To Tell, and I believe we each carry a wealth of stories that deserve to be told and passed on to others. For eleven years I’ve been producing audio narratives for families, organizations, and public radio. I am passionate about the power of audio. The voice is a powerful container for someone's personality and character. It holds the secret to our memories. I help you tell a cohesive story in your own voice so that your family and the world can see (and hear) the authentic you.


I have two primary methods for helping people with their stories: Teaching & Interviewing.

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Interviewing: It's about history, stories, and voices.

Do you want to record and share the stories of your past? Stories are the key to connecting generations. Audio captures the voice of someone you love, their laughter, and the special way they tell stories.

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I'm all about the story.

I work with families and organizations to save their history, voices, and stories as audio productions. I use oral history interviewing and documentary storytelling to create audio memoirs and provide families with a timeless collection of their own stories. My mission is to capture well-told, heartfelt stories on broadcast-quality audio that will stand the test of time and even entertain. 

What I do is called oral history, audio production, and documentary storytelling, but it is so much more. I have conversations – sometimes deep, sometimes lighthearted – using broadcast-quality microphones and recorders in the comfort of your own home. Then I turn hours and hours of interviews into story gold – the kinds of stories your family will be clamoring to play on their iPhones. 


You worry...

Will my family remember my story? 

I want my kids to know how much I loved their father. 

I want my mother to tell her stories so we can always hear her voice.

I want my kids to know their grandparents the way I knew mine.

I gave my father one of those books to write his memories…but he never filled it out. 

There are so many stories to tell. How will I get it all done?


I'm here to help you save what matters most.

I want to help you save your stories and honor your true voice. This is the stuff that matters. When you give someone your story, you give your heart.


Discover your narrative. Tell your story. Connect with the people you love. Save a voice forever



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